Project Summary

Oasis is a Destiny-inspired game about gunning down enemies to find better weapons. The generated weapons in the game allows for more than 7 billion weapon-combinations.



  • Base character and player controllers and editor
  • Exposing Lua-functionality for the Level-designers
  • Raw Mouse Input
  • 2D Sprite-rendering
  • Advanced text-rendering with inline text style-tags
  • PhysX-based trigger collider and editor.
  • E-key activated triggers
  • Scripted ammunition-boxes
  • Bloom and Tonemapping fixes and calibration
  • Character critical hits
  • Game Launcher written in C# .NET

Student awards

As voted by students who tested the game, out of 6 games

Least amount of bugs

2nd Place

Best entertainment value

1st Place

Best Gameplay

1st Place

Best Art

1st Place

Best Overall

1st Place